Battlebots World championship in Las Vegas, NV


Tazbot Vs Mortis
With all the changes in the turret Tazbot seemed to be strong. The robot could now flip itself back over with the use of a new (geared) linear acuator and was ready for battle. Tazbot’s first opponent was a very cool UK robot called "Mortis", The robot was built by Rob Knight and his palls at Cambridge University. Mortis has a tank drive system using custom motorcycle chains for treads. Mortis has two very clever weapons. One is an ax like weapon that has an 8in. Tungsten blade that is driven bye a eccentric cam and hits 3 times a sec., the other is a secondary lifting arm that seems to be connected to he first weapon via a electro-magnetic shifting system. The arm could also flip Mortis back over. The armor was made from kevlar with titanium skirts around the bottom. The well-designed Mortis was built with a CNC machine and a whole lot of very nice work.

Well the fight started and we went straight at each other …Mortis began swinging but was having trouble landing any thing damaging .We tried to pushing each other over to the floor saws but neither robot seemed to have the torque.

With in a few minutes I managed to sweep Tazbot’s pick under the front of Mortis and attempted to flip him over. Once Mortis was about a foot in the air there was a structural failure in the turret and the arm acuator snapped. What a bummer! Mortis was free and Tazbot spent the rest of the round with no weapon trying to avoid a strong assault from Mortis.

Tazbot got a few extra vent holes in the armor. One just missed some major parts in the main controller by a fraction of an inch. At the end of the round we were both still going at it. Tazbot had several large holes in his armor and a broken acuator. Mortis was clearly the winner.


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