DooAll Vs Tazbot 


Looser rounds

Sunday morning

The two robots crashed head-on into each other; Taxbot swing its arm around and hooked it into the back of DooAll's plow. Tazbot tried to lift DooAll off the ground, without success; even through Tazbot had enough stength to pick the front of DooAll up, DooAll still had traction and was able to push and twist free.


DooAll got its plow under Tazbot, and pushed it across the arena. Tazbot was pushed into the arena paddles, and slammed against the walls. It was never seriously damaged, but was unable to escape or mount any serious counterattack.

Both robots were still mobile at the end of the match, which went to the judges. The judges scored the match on points and awarded the win to DooAll.


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